Palacio Real

 One of the most iconic structures among the places to visit in Madrid is the Royal Palace of Madrid. The palace with 3000 rooms; It is among the most touristic places of the city with its architectural decorations, frescoes and gardens. When you look at the exterior of the palace, you may think that it does not look very ostentatious at first. The building, which was built in Neoclassical style and stone in the 19th century, displays its strikingness even if it is simple. Especially its size, sculptures and historical details are remarkable. I think you will be more interested in the interior of the palace. Interior architectural features are changed and renewed from time to time, especially with the effect of developments in art. The frescoes of famous artists added a magnificent atmosphere to the interior decoration of the palace. You can also visit many parts of the palace, such as the throne room and the dining room. Situated on an area of 13 hectares, the palace was normally the